Our Story

What we do

Located in Southern California, Roughchild specializes in the sympathetic restoration and creative reinvention of BMW motorcycles. 

We are dedicated to the passionate study and preservation of the world’s most respected motorcycles, optimizing their aesthetic appeal with a fresh perspective and modern techniques.

It begins with an idea: What do you want to ride?

Since 2012 our focus, indeed obsession, has been the development of a meticulously restored and creatively optimized air-cooled BMW.  Our lofty objective: to distill, disassemble and recombine the strands of greatness that have long marked the Airhead as iconic.


Want one of the our classic BMW's

Buying and owning a classic BMW motorcycle isn’t for everyone.  We’re not for everyone either. Our passion is to revive, not just restore. We’re looking for customers who feel the same way. This is your opportunity to ride a unique example of German engineering with a modern eye-catching design.

We all think we want an old motorcycle, we just don't want it to be old!   

Here at Roughchild we’ve figured out how to do just that.  We take a vintage BMW motorcycle beloved by bike enthusiasts, and improve upon the status quo. We blend our aesthetic and riding tastes with your personality, culminating in an envy-inducing motorcycle that will stand out in any crowd.

The bike

The build starts with an original BMW R-Series Motorcycle produced from 1970 to 1995.  We will assist with sourcing the donor bike.

The build

We re-engineer motorcycles to our own design.  Safety and reliability are our key concerns, any modification is performed to an OEM standard or greater. 

We make adjustments to the bike based on your taste. All colors and finishes are your decision. We can execute an unlimited number of upgrades making your motorcycle uniquely special.