Bruiser 1050cc Twin Spark

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Starting life as a humble R60/5 we have completely rebuilt this bike into the certified bruiser it is today.  

From the frame up we made changes.  Sporting a moncoque frame, reinforced late model swingarm and a dual disk front end, all finished in a deep shade of adriatic blue.  Retaining the original /5 headlight bucket, we hooked up the brand new motometer speedometer to the little hot rod of an engine.  Starting with an R90 case, we fitted a 1050cc big bore kit and performed a twin spark conversion on the heads.  Combined with the updated ignition and charge system, this thing makes some power.  Mikuni slide carbs provide fuelling, fitted with k&n air filters to allow it to breathe in the gobs of air it needs, the exhaust system is a 2-1 unit from mac.  This bike is all about ripping through town, being first off the light and causing a scene when you arrive.  Factory BMW hubs are laced to lightweight 17" excel rims front and rear using stainless steel spokes from Buchanan's.


Stashed in the airbox you'll find a lithium battery with a tender hooked up so you dont have to rip the bike apart when you want to get it on the trickle charger.  This bike is registered and insured and on the road.  If you'd like to see it in person go and check it out at Butterscotch in Long Beach, California.